I have earlier written different blog posts about Transifex, the reason is that I think Transifex is a real great service. Many different Joomla projects are now using Transifex for their translation management. OpenTranslators is working close with Transifex and has shown real great community spirit.

I’m translating many Joomla projects at Transifex and of course, after awhile you really like some features and you missing some. Here are some highlights;
When I translate locally there is always that risk that someone unplug the computer, blue screen or that your son prefer Pingu and close all other windows. The auto save / instant save feature in Transifex is really great, each string is saved instantly, you could lost a string at most.
Added strings by developer
Some extensions hold, component, modules and plugins. When new strings are added in new version, it can get pretty hard to compare the new language files with the old one, if you working locally. This is especially hard if the strings are added anywhere in the language file, not only at the end. In Transifex, new strings appear as untranslated, no wasted time to search and compare files – yay.
Some developers use Transifex api and create auto-packages, all files for a certain project and language, and provide these at their website. The packages is auto-updated when new translation is done at Transifex. Just upload and install the package with Joomla installer. Stackideas is a great example for a developer that provides packages this for their customers.
In my opinion, the best way to produce high quality translations is with strict team members. I really don’t think “open for all” is a good way to go, you can read more about this here. Transifex provide possibility to have teams by language/projects.
Download for use
Sometimes you want to download a specific file in order to test the translation on your site. You can “Download for use” but you have to rename it. Would love to have the correct name from the beginning, so it’s only to upload it to the server without having to rename it first.
Update translation from Joomla backend
A great feature would be if Joomla backend could connect to different translation platforms by api and new translations could be updated from the Joomla backend. If we will see this feature in Joomla, Transifex would certainly provide an api for this. Read more about this here.
Dashboard improvement – critical
What I really miss most is the lack of a good dashboard. My dashboard doesn’t give me almost anything. As a translator I want to now two things:
•    Have any of “my” projects been updated with new strings?
•    Is there any news I need to know about?
Currently you can “watch” projects but it doesn’t help much. I want to have an accessible overview. I want to see my incomplete projects and be able to subscribe to announcements.

So, what did you think about my likes and dislikes? Do I miss something, am I plain wrong (or right)?

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