Please be aware that JSRadius has not been updated for a long time. It may not work after JomSocial 2.6.2.

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JSRadius is a module that shows JomSocial users depending on your location. You can choose from which Profile Types the users should be fetch. You can choose if they should be presented by Avatar, Name or Username. If no users are fetch, random users from that Profile Types will be shown instead.

jsradius frontend

PHP 5.2/5.3, Joomla 2.5, JomSocial 2.6.2

Module backend

JSRadius backend

Select Profile Type
Possability to choose, one, several or all profile types (from were users should be shown).
Choose to show Avtar, Name or Username
Show + and - symbols
Is these are used users in frontend can increase or decrease radius.
Choose if names should be displayed by using Ascending, Descending or Random
Show pagination
If result is bigger then Pagination limit pagination will be shown.
Pagination limit
How many users that should be shown (before pagination is displayed).
Default radius (in kms)
What radius should be used
Fallback radius (in kms)
If no results is fund in "Default", Fallback radius will be used
How do I install/uninstall JSRadius?
To install, simply install the file. To uninstall, filter extensions in "Extensions - Manage", there are 3 JSRadius listings; package, component and module - uninstall the package (component and module will follow).

I don't get any result in the module
A. Make sure that your JomSocial users has coordinates in the table XX_community_users and columns latitude and longitude.


B. Make sure that the radius in the module settings are sufficent, otherwise increase the value.
C. Check your own geolocation data. Some ISP don't fetch your correct geolocation.

I only see random users displayed, why?
If the module wont be able to fetch some users within the radius, it display some random users (from selected Profile Types).

What's up with the package? Why a component?
JSRadius consist of a package, a component and a module. You won't see any settings in the component. The only purpose with the component is to handle ajax requests on secure manner.